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UB Conditioning I

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This session is the starting point for reducing pain and improving mobility, strength, and stability in the upper back and shoulder. In this session, isometric muscle contractions are emphasized. Isometric contractions activate target muscles with minimal movement required so as to limit further injury to the already-aggravated tissue(s). This type of muscle contraction can help improve strength and tolerance in several ways. First, isometric exercises can help increase muscle activation, which means that the muscles are able to generate more force. This increased force can then translate into improved strength over time. Additionally, isometric exercises can help improve tolerance to exercise by increasing endurance and decreasing pain. By holding a static position for an extended period of time, the body learns to adapt to the stress and become more resilient. Isometric strengthening is a great starting point to prepare you for more challenging workouts. Remember, patience and consistency are key for building strength and reducing pain/discomfort. Adjust the reps, rest periods, and rest breaks if you feel is necessary. With time and dedication, you should notice improvements in your discomfort, mobility, strength, and function.


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