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Upper Body Revitalization

  • 12Weeks
  • 159Steps


This program can help: Reduce your neck, shoulder and upper back aches and tension. Restore your mobility, strength, and stability. Improve your overall fitness and well-being. This 12-week program offers a targeted approach to improving neck, upper back, and shoulder health through a series of exercises and routines. However, it also recognizes that in order to truly recover, a holistic approach is necessary. Therefore, this program includes exercises for other areas of the body as well. The program was designed to meet guidelines for both aerobic and resistance training as set by leading agencies in the health and fitness industries. In order to reduce pain and discomfort, the workouts were specially-crafted to gradually increase range of motion, strength, and stability by using effective principles supported by extensive scientific research. This program not only improves upper body health but also promotes overall fitness and well-being, making it a comprehensive approach to achieving your health and fitness goals.


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