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The traditional system is often impractical.


Access to effective care is increasingly limited by high prices and tight schedules.


Meanwhile, minor aches and pains worsen as you patiently wait for your turn to see a specialist. Or worse, as you're passed from provider to provider.


Then, you're left wondering "what if" you were equipped with the resources to nip common aches and pains in the bud before they blossomed into an injury that requires use of the traditional system.   

That's why I'm here.

After a decade working within the healthcare and fitness industries, I launched FitRehab to further bridge the gap between preventative, restorative, and compensatory/adaptive approaches to overall physical wellness.

Whether you're hoping to resolve a minor ache, strengthen your body for greater resiliency, and/or simply increase your overall physical activity, I hope you find my content helpful to you on your journey.

Well wishes,

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Brian Ivy, MOT, OTR/L, CHT, CPT

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"Brian’s technical knowledge of human physiology is most impressive but is equally matched by his interpersonal skills which allows him to more fully understand his clients’ issues and motivations." - Don
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