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My Mission Behind The FitRehab Podcast: A Fitness and Rehab Podcast

Updated: Jan 3

The FitRehab Podcast, Trailer: My Mission

Looking for practical fitness and rehab content to manage physical wellness within a busy lifestyle? Check out this fitness and rehab podcast hosted by an occupational therapist, personal trainer, and board-certified specialist in shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand rehab.

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I get it.

Access to effective care for aches and pains has become increasingly limited by high prices, long wait times, and busy schedules.

Meanwhile, your pain worsens as you patiently wait your turn to see a specialist. Or worse- as you’re passed from provider to provider.

Then, you're left wondering "what if" you were equipped with the resources to address that minor pain before it blossomed into a full-blown injury that requires use of the traditional system. Or what if you knew how to prevent the injury altogether?

That’s why I’m here.

My name is Brian Ivy and I’m an occupational therapist, personal trainer, and board-certified specialist in rehabilitation of the hand and upper extremity.

An occupational therapist, personal trainer, and board-certified rehab specialist with over 10 years of experience in healthcare, rehab, and fitness.

After over a decade working within the healthcare and fitness industries, I launched FitRehab to further bridge the gap between preventative, restorative, and compensatory/adaptive approaches to overall physical wellness. 

To support this mission, this podcast will deliver practical fitness and rehab content for managing physical wellness within a busy lifestyle. 

I will dive into the science behind common causes and underlying processes for common aches and pains, and more importantly evidence-based and purposeful strategies that you can use to address the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner before it becomes significant enough that it then requires traditional in-person treatment.

Your time and money are valuable and should be treated as such. Therefore, my intention is to keep each episode as short as I can while jam packing it with take-home information. No fluff or fillers to drag on an episode. Just concise and straight to the point content that you can quickly consume.

So, whether you're looking to resolve a minor ache, reduce your risk for injury, and/or simply increase your overall physical activity and strength for better health, I hope you find the content on this podcast helpful to you on your journey.

I also encourage you to follow me on instagram @fitrehabonline if you’re not already. I post pretty frequently with quick tips and insights that you might also find helpful. I’ll include a link to my profile in the description.

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